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*Credit Transfer can be applied at any time to your student record, after you enroll.
You will need to provide copies of original Certificates or Statements of Attainment, that clearly identify the issuing RTO and the unit that you want to be granted a credit for, we do not charge extra for applying Credit Transfers.

*Recognition of Prior Learning applications are not eligible for special discounts and will be charged full recommended retail price RRP.

Do you wish to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) ?*

RPL is recognition of your knowledge and past work experience, proving this can be a long and tedious process, you will need to demonstrate and prove with documentation each element within each unit, you often end up with a game of tennis between the assessor and student as they request suitable evidence, more times than not, the students don't have the prerequisite documentation required to prove competency, and end up having to do the course work anyway.

We find a simpler and more efficient approach is enrol and go straight into completing the assessments, you have the experience and knowledge complete the assessments and go to the next unit.
Considering the extra work required by our assessors we do not offer discounted or special pricing for RPL, the normal fee is charged.


Please note: Discount pricing is not available for employer sponsored traineeships, the full fee will be applicable.
If your enrolment application is not finalised, your enrolment will not be processed and you will not incur any fees or charges.